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2 weeks til the alpha workshop! hooray hooray hooray!

tomorrow i have to babysit the 3 ramey kids for 3 hours (what fun... oh well, i get money...), then at 7, spam and i are gonna go see lilo and stitch! we've both seen that movie already, but we really liked it (i was laughing hysterically and holding back sobs in the same 5 minutes), so we're going again. woohoo! i like the aliens. the environmentalist creature with the one eye. and david, nani's "friend," was pretty cute too... and i wanted to jump up and hug the fat guy who kept losing his ice cream...


*cough* sorry... i wanna visit hawaii again. i went when i was 4 or 5, and i remember bits and pieces, but i wanna go again. i remember wearing a bikini (i think we still have it - i was the size of a 3-year-old, so the thing is TINY...), seeing a ton of pools, how the water was REALLY blue, going to a restaurant with a pineapple on the door... at one point i thought we went to japan (we must have gone to another island where there was a large asian population), and this asian lady ran up to me and wanted to get a picture. i guess she hadn't seen many little blond girls before. i have the picture too, i should post it on the web. for some reason, that incident always stuck in my mind. if she could only see me now... still little (the size of an overdeveloped, overweight 4th grader...), not really blond any more (i've progressed to light golden brown), and as far as i know, still a girl. only i'm not wearing little pastel-colored shorts any more, i've moved on to saggy jeans that my mom has to severely hem and oversized tshirts. woohoo! but i'm still cuuuuuuuute! at least in person. i look kinda icky in pictures. ah well.

why am i talking about hawaii and that japanese lady and how i've changed? *shakes head out* there, i'm better. i like pringles. i want more ramen noodles. heck, i'm hungry, i want food!

another completely pointless journal entry brought to you by ade, the munchkin queen!

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