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I was checking out major/minor requirements today, and apparently I only need 2 more required classes for my major and minor, plus my comp. I still need 131 credits though, which means 32 more credits. I have no idea how many credits the comp will be (though I can ask at the informational meeting thing on Thursday), and I might get some credit if I do an internship this summer, so I won't have to take a full courseload while I'm committing suicide comping. Anyway, I have space in my schedule for other classes! I originally wanted to pull off a second minor in studio art, but apparently that's not going to work. But I still want to take art classes (especially drawing). And figure drawing is offered next semester, so I'm going to email Sue Buck and ask if I can take that class without taking Drawing 1, since I took so many drawing/figure drawing classes at CMU back in high school. *crosses fingers* I miss drawing people. Sitting on a stool in front of an easel for 3 hours up to my elbows in conte crayon dust, staring at an illuminated naked person and trying to duplicate it on newsprint. Ah, that was happiness. Hey, I can take classes at CMU for free in 5 years (my dad recently got a job at the Innovation Transfer Center, and after he works there 5 years, family members can go to CMU for free). But by then, I may live elsewhere, I don't know... the future is still vague and open. We'll see.

I have the feeling I'm not going to accomplish much tonight. I have a short paper due tomorrow, but tonight is... Tuesday group! Which means that I'll be hanging around in my living room, talking to friends and watching Adult Swim until well past midnight. *laughs insanely and falls over*

Hungry. Want food. Don't want to wait an hour for Brooks slop. Me go get snack now... and talk in bad grammar...

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