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I've been having lots of dreams lately, some more amusing than others. For example, last night I dreamed that I was helping some friends escape from a mental hospital. For some reason, Jamie, Sara, and redhead Jess had been committed, and I was determined to get them out. There was some sort of assembly, and I think I ran in and pulled Jess and Jamie out of there. We ran up this big hill, and the top was kind of muddy and slippery, and I couldn't make it to the top by myself. I kept trying to, and then Jess finally grabbed my wrists and pulled me to the top. We went to my house (my parents' house, not the writers' house, which seems weird), and my mom was giving me these weird looks. Of course, if my daughter brought home 2 friends she pulled out of the mental hospital, I'd be worried too. The phone rang, and it was the hospital, asking what I'd done and telling me to bring Jess and Jamie back. I shouted "We're all mad here!" into the phone, and I think I was laughing evilly and saying strange things, completely ignoring what the hospital caller was saying. Then I suddenly realized that I was in big trouble. When the hospital people would come to take Jess and Jamie back, they would also take me. I think I told Jess and Jamie to run for it (Whatever happened to Sara? I guess she was still in the hospital), and I ran up to my room. I was panicking and grabbing all sorts of things I wanted to hide from everyone (for some reason I was grabbing things like weird-shaped condoms and Barbie shoes) and tried to stuff everything into this weird locked thing I had. I planned to try and escape, but I knew that the mental hospital people would search my room, and I didn't want them finding certain things. Then I woke up. Very weird.

I feel really out of it today, like reality has once again lost its grasp on me. But then, I don't really live in reality.

Speaking of things that aren't real, today is my wedding anniversary. 6 years ago, my friends and I had a quadruple wedding at Megan's house. I married my imaginary friend Andy, Megan married my coat, Heather married Ezekiel the imaginary frog, and Sarah married a poster of Taylor Hanson. So happy anniversary, Andy. You've been a great imaginary husband, and I'm glad we have so many imaginary children together.

I had this plan to avoid taking another Nesset class, but that went down the potty. I was going to take the poetry workshop with Chris Bakken in the fall and then take the fiction workshop in the spring with Kerry Bakken, but that's not going to work. If I want to pull off a fiction writing comp in the spring, I need to take the fiction workshop first. So I'll have to take it in the fall with Nesset. Fuck. And I won't take the poetry workshop anyway, because I'd rather take figure drawing. *grumblegrumble* Oh well. I'm thinking of also taking Chinese in the fall because I have room in my schedule and I want to learn Chinese anyway. Next year promises to be absolute chaos, between living with a bunch of my guy friends, comping, and being old enough to purchase alcohol (not that I will on a regular basis, but since I'm a writer, I need to develop some sort of substance abuse problem, and I don't think that anything computer-related counts).

Ah, Sunday. Time to make up for all the slacking I did this weekend and try to do some homework. Maybe by tomorrow my mind will come back from holiday.

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