Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

ooh! lookee!

music survey:

reminds you of an ex-lover: um... no.

reminds you of an ex-friend: any of those silly guacamole club songs we made up in 6th grade

makes you cry: "painters" by jewel and occasionally "winter," "silent all these years," or "playboy mommy" by tori amos if i'm in a sad mood

makes you laugh: "you're so rad" by the bouncing souls and "look at that man (the richard simmons song)" by my friend kathy

reminds you of the one you want: "damn, i wish i was your lover" by sophie b hawkins

you wish you wrote: "bitch" by meredith brooks :)

you never want to hear again: any of that stupid rap they play on kiss fm

you want to get married to: well, i don't quite plan on getting married... if i do, i'm hiring a polka band! :D

makes you want to mosh: "bounce" by system of a down (though i will NEVER go into a mosh pit again - i nearly got killed 2 years ago until this nice girl grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of there...)

sums up your teenage years: "at seventeen" by janis joplin

you used to hate but now love: dunno... probably several tori songs i had to listen to 15 times before i liked

you like to wake up to: waking up sucks. just not that annoying spanish cd carrie left in her cd player/alarm thing that woke me up several times (i do NOT want to learn spanish at 7 am on a tuesday when i don't have to get up until 8:30 and carrie isn't there to shut the damn thing off!)

you like out of your parents record collection: anything by jimmy buffett

you love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: anything by tori amos (megan, i love you!)

makes you think of someone who died?: oh, i don't know...

you love the video more than the tune: ummm... not sure.

reminds you of your first crush: my 1st crush was in kindergarten... but the earliest song-that-reminded-me-of-a-crush is probably "head over feet" by alanis - brings back memories of 7th grade :P

you love which is from your favorite movie: "the origin of love" from hedwig and the angry inch, "sweet transvestite" from the rocky horror picture show

makes you think of stars or other celestial bodies: "lucky star" by madonna

makes you think of the sun: umm that "mr. golden sun" kids song

makes you think of the night: some techno...

makes you think of sex: "crazy for you" by madonna

makes you think of being alone: um... some tori songs

you love to hear at clubs: i only really went clubbing once (pegasus, gay club extraordinaire!) and i don't remember the songs they played...

has only been released recently but you love already: tori's "a sorta fairytale" that'll be on her new album due in october... *jumps up and down*

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