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*laughs* I just had dinner with Ben, Derek, and Derek's roommate Matt. I told him about the dream (see previous entry), and he laughed. After he left, Derek said he found this box of really horrible poetry by Matt, including one called "Sex, Sex, and More Sex" about how evil sex is (apparently this guy is ultra-conservative and homophobic, and I was kind of disappointed that he didn't freak out when I was talking about buying Derek gay porn for his next birthday). So I told Derek he should put the poetry on the internet and send it to everyone, and he wants to make a website for it. Hahahahaaaaa.... we are so evil.

And the food at Brooks was just depressing. Most of the campus is going home for Easter (Why don't they just give us a few days off? Other schools get breaks...), but I'm not, and I therefore have to deal with dining hall laziness. Bah. At least I get this computer lab to myself. And now I'm talking to Laura! Oh wow. These are the cheesiest Argo minutes I've ever written. Well, nobody really reads the minutes, so I can be as cheesy as I like. Mmm, cheese...

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