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You know you have an interesting LJ when your non-LJ friends tell you, "So, (friend) told me about this really funny thing you wrote in your livejournal..." Heh. It happens every so often.

So, I survived the weekend, managed to cook 3 things simultaneously without setting the fire alarm off, and turned stuff in today. I rock. I also sent Ben a box full of completely random stuff I had lying around my room. *mischievous giggle*

I went down to Bilo today... got some kitty treats and ice cream sammiches, among other things. Ah, ice cream. Just the thing to get me through finals. Holy crap, just a couple more weeks of school left. Oh. I guess that means I'll have to say goodbye to my graduating friends. At least 4 of my friends are graduating, and I may never see some of them again... oh pooey. Stupid graduating and leaving business... oh well. I'll be doing it too next year (hopefully).

Heh. I just ordered a t-shirt that says "talk nerdy to me." As if I don't get enough of that already... *grins at the Argo folks and Alphans*

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