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One of my favorite aspects of Argo is all the wonderful homoerotic incest. It's just fabulous. And Deltron in a very purple shirt... so wonderfully flaming...

Carolyn and I went to the thrift store today to buy some man-clothes for the drag ball. I got a jacket, shirt, and pants for $10. Ohhhhhyeah! I have a tie (must learn how to tie it), and I want a hat and cane. Maybe a belt too, but I never wear belts. *shrugs* Ben has stage makeup and stuff, so I can have a little goatee or something. I think I'll be a sexy man. And lots of my guy friends want to go to the drag ball too! This should be very interesting. And it's going to be very amusing trying to find something for Ben to wear... oddly enough, he's probably my most masculine friend (which really says something about my guy friends). He doesn't look very feminine and has a rather deep voice, plus he carries himself like a guy. Which just means he'll look even more hilarious in a dress or something. I'm so excited. I wish Nick was still here, he's fun to dress up with. He could wear fairy wings again. Alas... but Ben is still here, so when Nick is out of the question, I automatically turn to him as the person I plan to drag (heh) to the ball.

Speaking of that, today Thom mentioned how I'm working down the boytoy chain, so I started thinking. I had a wonderful, long post about this earlier, but the internet was being retarded and ate my post before the Argo meeting. So apparently I have a chain of boytoys, but my definition of "boytoy" is basically a guy friend with some quality I really like. If a guy is on the chain, it doesn't necessarily mean I have a crush on him, just that he's somehow boytoyworthy. Being my designated boytoy doesn't really mean anything, it's just a fun title.

So I made a list of my current boytoy chain. These are just my potential Allegheny boytoys. Those with an X next to their names are either taken or not here right now, therefore I skip over them when working down the chain (I don't swipe boytoys from others). Here's the current boytoy chain:

Nick (X)
Evil Thom (X)
Deltron (X)
John (X)

So that makes Ben my current boytoy (I asked, and he said sure), though he's more like a brother than a real boytoy. And it looks like Brandon is next on the list. Hehehe... *Brandon looks frightened*

By the bye, Deltron is there as a quasi-boytoy, since his character was my character's boytoy in Thom's game. Ah, Hardley stable boy. Who was actually the most recent in a long line of alchemical clones because Griselda was a psychotic nymphomaniac with a secret lab. So much insanity. So much torture. So much fun.

So I'm sure all of you are either amused or frightened or both. I am insane. And drag balls are sexy. Adnan/Eddie said he's planning on staying for the entire Naruto marathon (so Naruto is more important than drag, eh?), but I'm trying to convince him to show up in drag anyway. That's what I'm going to do... Just because I love drag so much...

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