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Whew. After nearly 6 hours of Naruto, I'm giving my eyes a break. ...Actually no, I've just gone from the movie screen to the computer screen. Oh well. I love Hinata and Gaara! And the drag ball is in an hour and a half! I've been in my businessman outfit all day, and I actually got the tie right (or as close to "right" as I could) on the second try. My housemates saw me and said, "Ohhh, you look cuuuuute!" Well, I wasn't exactly going for "cute," but I'll take it. I feel like a little girl dressed up in daddy's clothes. But it's fun at the same time.

So it's Springfest, and most of the campus is drunk. But I'm not! I don't need to get drunk to have fun, I'm very easily entertained. I love wearing interesting things... then I don't mind when people stare at me and give me weird looks. It makes me giggle. Even when I'm old enough to drink (just a month and a day now, folks!), I probably won't do it very often, probably only when my housemates say, "Lookee, Ade! Something substantially more fun than writing that paper due tomorrow!" I like being young and innocent. Speaking of being "young," Ben and I played 5 games of Candyland yesterday. Gotta love it. Oh, and Sam (Carolyn's people-phobic cat) let me pet him last night! There's one goal accomplished! Yay, I've made a connection! Cat lady power!

Heh. I'm the only one in the computer lab, and this girl just walked in making Tarzan noises. She saw me, stopped, covered her mouth, giggled, and apologized. I was quite amused. She actually seemed sober, too. Unlike just about everyone else here. Man, it's warm outside. How very unlike Meadville.

- What time were you born?
8:07 pm, May 18, 1983

- If you were a tree, what kind would you be?
Willow, because they're so beautiful

- What is your favourite city?
I don't really like cities... but Seattle and Boston are cool.

- If you could make one amendment to the Constitution, what would it be?
That I would be the supreme ruler of the USA... no, the world! No, the universe! *collapses in a fit of maniacal laughter*

- If you were going to visit a third world country, what would it be?
India, and I would bring Ben with me because he went to high school there and could show me the best places to go

- Would you rather see the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben?
Big Ben, because France is dumb! And I've already seen Big Ben, but while I'm in England, I'll go to the British museum and track down Gen and meet Dan, and then we can go over to Wales and visit Tom! Weee!

- If you were to study a second (or third) language, what would it be?
I've already studied Spanish and a bit of Latin (ah, 7th grade POL...), and I'm taking Chinese in the fall. In addition, I'd like to learn Japanese, Hindi, and Swedish, but I probably never will.

- Would you rather go bungee jumping or parachuting?
Parachuting, even though I'm a terrible chicken and never do anything daring like that.

- What musical instrument do you wish you could play?
Dulcimer! I need to get mine fixed.

- Would you rather attend a Barney concert or play Pokemon all day?
Oh, I've done quite a bit of playing Pokemon all day, so I choose you, Pikachu!

- Would you rather attend a math or social studies conference?
Social studies, because math sucks.

- You must study a medical profession in college. You choose surgeon or ER doctor?
No, no, I have panic attacks if I even think about needles and surgery for too long... can't I just be a psychiatrist?

- You have the opportunity to speak face to face to an actor/actress whom you don't particularly like. What do you say?
So, J Lo... um... I'm dying of a rare disease... called, uh, Crazymidgetitus. I need about 5 or 6 million dollars for an operation that would cure it though... *looks cute and sweet* I wish I had the money... *sigh*

- You must get either your belly button or eyebrow pierced. Which do you choose?
Eyebrow, for that would probably be less painful (those who would disagree haven't torn out all their eyebrows before) and I can always take it out.

- Summer boredom is really catching up to you. Do you listen to music or watch TV?
Can't I just play Age of Mythology and watch porn all day?

- You must get a tattoo. What is it of or what does it say?
I still haven't decided. Maybe the ADE symbol or something, I don't know where it would go though.

- Would you rather swim in a (clean) lake or pool?
Lake, for there are interesting things to see when snorkeling

- You are given a camera and told to photograph your day. Are the majority of your pictures of people or things/objects?
mostly my friends covering their faces with their mouths open (yelling "no pictures!")

- You enter a store. Do you go left or right?
whichever direction catches my attention first (let's see... do I want to go to the "marital aids" section or the "XXX DVDs" section?)

- You must dye your hair hot pink or bright red. Which do you choose?
red, and even though it would look terrible, it's still better than pink! Pink is evil.

- Your senior pictures are scheduled. Do you choose to have them taken indoors or outdoors?
Oh no. Not this ordeal again. I'm not doing the school picture thing again, even if my mom begs me to next year.

- You are getting married. Do you choose to have the event take place in a church or the outdoors?
Out in the middle of the woods

- Would you rather travel to Germany or Africa?

- You are stranded on the side of the road. Do you hitchhike, walk, or take the bus?
walk, for traveling with strangers scares me

- You must participate in one leg of a triathlon (run, bike, or swim). Which one is it?
doesn't matter, because I'd collapse halfway through anyway

- Where would you like future Olympic games to be held?
the moon

- Would you rather be extremely hot or extremely cold?
cold, for I can always put on more layers, but there are only so many I can take off

- You buy hand lotion. Is it scented or not?
Ick, I hate lotion and avoid it at all costs. Especially the scented kind!

- You want to see a movie with friends. Would you rather go to a drive-in or the same ol' theater?
same ol' theater

- You must put together a puzzle. Do you choose 2,500 or 5,000 pieces?
5,000! Ohhhhyeah! I love puzzles!

- Would you rather spend the day with Cookie Monster or Big Bird?
Cookie Monster! I love him!

- The only jobs you could land for the summer are at McDonald's or a gas station. Which do you prefer?
Uh... I'll just bum around at home, thank you, even though my parents will be on my case about it...

- You are given $30. What do you do with it?
probably buy food, books, or toys

- You are stranded on an island. You can have one thing, but not another human. What do you choose?

Ah, 45 minutes until the drag ball... *shivers in antici....pation!*

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