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wow. i was really really hyper today around lunch time, i was so incredibly happy for some reason. then my excitement faded and when i went to fencing i didn't feel so well and i had a headache, so i left halfway through. just one of those bipolar days, i guess. i have a paper due tomorrow (i have to email it to the prof.) anyway, and i should go to bed early. i also have a ton of reading to do, and i'm kind of hungry, since all i had for dinner was stir fry on rice and apple juice. i think i accidentally helped corrupt my sister even more today. we were talking online and she wanted to watch a movie so i told her she could find one in my closet. i then went to dinner and when i got back the IM said "u got american pie!" but she had signed off before i could convince her not to. oh well. she's seen bits of it (the exlax scene and a few others) and i've let her watch other r-rated movies, so this should only shock her. i'm going to finish my paper now. yippee. goodbye.

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