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tomorrow i'm going to the alpha workshop, i'll be back in a week but i'm not sure if i'll get a chance to go online during the week (CURSES!)

i went to an SCA event today with CJ, it was a lot of fun but i got sunburned. it was fun watching the fencers and the heavy fighters, and i got a neat little box for megan. on the way back, we stopped for ice cream, and then her car got stuck at my house. the key wouldn't turn in the ignition, so we called a tow truck and when the guy came he got it to work again. phew. then later CJ called and harassed me about claiming to be a medieval transvestite (i was wearing breeches - many SCA females do, especially to fence, though i didn't fence). i wasn't serious, i just wanted to say i was a drag king for a day... *sniff* and she didn't know if i was having a good time because i was quiet, didn't show emotion, and was really passive once again. well, i felt like an idiot anyway. of course, every time i open my mouth to say something, i end up making an ass of myself or saying the wrong thing or both. well maybe i should learn how to smile. or i could just keep thinking the word "exlax" to make me laugh and show happy emotions, but then she'd wonder what the evil grin on my face was all about and she'd think i was plotting something.

oh well. i hope megan is home by now, i need to call her so we can make plans for the workshop tomorrow. i'm just worn out, and i feel like i'm a disappointment to cj. i gotta go to bed after i call megan. night.

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