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Well, last night was certainly interesting. One of the most fun nights I've had in quite a while, that's for sure. I went to the drag ball with a bunch of friends, and it was so much fun. Derek won $50 prancing down the runway as "Knockers Galore," and I kept grabbing his fake boobies. I think I looked hot as a guy... Dick Johnson, hehe... I was a very short, pudgy, questionably-figured guy, but I still think I was hot. And Ben... *laughs* Ben was just hilarious. Emily painstakingly applied a bunch of makeup to him and tried to make him look pretty, but he just washed it all off and went for the black lipstick instead. Ah yes, so much fun. And you know you have issues when you wonder if you should buy more girly clothes and makeup for the sole purpose of dressing up your guy friends. Well, next year we'll have many drag events at the writers' house, that's for sure. And I got a ton of pictures last night, so I'll upload those later. *evil laugh*

My feet are sore, but I am happy.

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