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Oh my. First of all, Spam, your icon... whoah. I stare at the screen in amazement, then I realize I'm in the computer lab and should scroll down before someone comes up behind me and says, "Ewwww, butt sex!" Heh.

Second of all, the more Eddie opens his mouth, the more I want to smack him. So today we had the Argo elections, and at the end of Eddie's why-I-want-to-be-Troubador speech, he said, "And I'm not Jewish." So of course, Deltron's speech consisted of him standing up and laughing miserably for a minute straight. Best speech ever. Anyway... Eddie is just an asshole. He doesn't think before he speaks. Sure, we all make fun of Deltron (I've only done it once or twice, so he still has another free shot at me), but that comment was just stupid. And the Jew won anyway, probably because pretty much everyone in Argo hates Eddie. And Deltron is cool and stuff. Oh yeah, and I beat the luscious beard, so I'm Scribe again next year. Woot. I have the power of spam email!

Also, there's nothing like kitten cuddles to start your day off right.

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