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It's 1 am. I have a 3-4 page mock comp proposal due in 10 hours that I haven't started. I spent the evening wasting time, as usual. And now I update LJ instead of working on this paper! Weeeee! *collapses* Oh yeah! Guess who else is in this lab? Rose! Who never shuts up! I'm not going to get much sleep tonight. And I'm not going to miss any more classes this semester (so far I've only missed 3, but 2 of those were in the last week). So I'm gonna get this thing done, go to bed, get an hour or two of sleep, and promptly fall asleep in my first class and drool all over myself. Oh well. Tomorrow is the Day of Silence anyway, so it's an excuse to not talk in class (I never do anyway).

Dammit... make the creative urges stop! I want to draw a bad stick figure comic of Argo people beating up Eddie in a dark alleyway and Jenn not stopping us! Must... write... proposal... of... comp... I'm... not... actually... going... to... do... *goes nuts and devours keyboard*

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