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Wooo, it's the Day of Silence and I'm covered in rainbows. I got a free t-shirt, and I'm wearing a rainbow armband and a card thingy that says "Day of Silence" and what it's all about. Plus, I'm wearing my Powerpuff Girls shoes with the rainbow laces. I feel so... gay. And happy, because rainbows are pretty and they make me happy. Of course, being silent makes communication interesting. I've been using nonverbal communication and writing for that. I decided that I can still write today, because I'm still technically being silent. Plus, I think I write more than I talk, unless I get really hyper. I communicate better in writing too. I think I'll keep quiet until dinner time, then I can let loose and go back to saying things that come out horribly wrong ("I don't like them long... the straws, I mean... I have to cut them, otherwise I'll end up poking myself in the nose or something... aaahhhh, why does everything I say come out wrong?!?!?!?!").

I thought of all sorts of important things that I wanted to say on the way over here, but I'm feeling lazy. I only got around 2 hours of sleep last night, thanks to the mock proposal due today (finished it this morning, of course). Well... the proposal combined with watching TV with Ben and Derek until after midnight, then talking to Nick online instead of writing the proposal in the wee hours. Oh yes, and Nick wants to come visit this weekend! He misses people, and he wants to see the play, so we're going to go see that on Sunday. Anyone else going? Speaking of plays, I wonder if I could somehow coerce someone into driving me to Slippery Rock next week, because one of Megan's plays is going to be performed. It's only 10 minutes, but it's still really awesome that it's being performed. And Megan is an awesome writer too... I miss our high school days, getting out of class to go to the gifted room place and enter writing contests and stuff and at least get an honorable mention half the time. 'Twas great. I hope we can both graduate at the same time despite being in different grades (or is it "years" when you get to college?) and then get an apartment while trying to get employment and stuff. Anyway, plays. Maybe I can get Ben to drive. Oddly enough, he's willing to do just about anything I ask. Plus, he needs to meet Megan, and she needs to meet him. For they would really get along.

Methinks I need a nap. Sleep would be nice. *collapses* The other stuff I wanted to say can wait for another entry, when I feel more like writing and less like sleeping.

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