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Dammit, Good Tom thinks he can outgay me! I stayed mostly silent until dinner time because you don't necessarily have to stay quiet all day for the Day of Silence. I did cheat a bit - I talked to my cats and sang along with my music, but nobody was around to get after me for it. But Good Tom decided to be quiet even through dinner... which of course left him open for ridicule. And I got the ridicule at lunch too. I was preventing Ben from leaving and doing work (as usual), and I grabbed him by the wrist so he couldn't leave. Then some people made jokes about us being attached, and Derek started humming the wedding song, so I replied with a single finger. Gotta love nonverbal communication.

You know, I think I'm getting over the ohmygoshmysisterisdatingandkissingboys shock and moving on to the hahahamysisterisdatingandkissingboysnowIcanmakefunofher stage. It's payback for her constant teasing about my guy friends. Yeah, I hang out with boys all the time. Go me. I'm not seeing any of them, yet every time I mention a guy friend, she'll go "oooooh!" or something. Well, I do the same with her. We're so immature. But hey, what are sisters for? That's right, teasing! Weee!

Yeah, so I never got that nap. But I don't particularly care, I'll sleep tonight. I decided to knit instead and decided to make my own pattern for a bag-like thing, even though it will probably come out all wrong and I'm using cheap yarn. Black yarn. Yep, I'm a dork, and I'm darn proud of it. Experimentation produces interesting results. Say, I wonder if we have Golem tonight. Probably not, but I'll hang out in the living room in case Ben or Derek or anyone else shows up. Then we can watch movies or TV or something! I feel like watching Lilo and Stitch.

Another pointless bit of rambling brought to you by Ade, who is once again feeling loopy for no reason. Huzzah!

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