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well, i'm still alive. so the alpha workshop and confluence rocked! here's an abridged version of what happened:

i was social. when megan and i got there, we put our stuff in the room and then talked to people. that evening we went to the video store and wreaked havoc. then we all played the mafia game and i made it pretty far into the game until the villagers accused me of being a mafia member (so i was...) and then i choked to death on my own hair. hehe. the week was full of listening to speakers and writing exercises and we got no sleep. while playing "hangman" the phrase "smelted squid" came up, so now i'm obsessed with the idea. i wrote this really cool and funny and stupid vampire love story with a smelted squid in it, but ann never gave it back to me. pooey. anyway, nora fell in love with this sink (in the dorms, it had its own room and everything!), and we all formed a cult to it. we wrote steamy love letters and poems to it, and some of us even had a worship session. jessa was the sacrificial virgin - she sacrificed an orange, and we left it in the sink. oh, it was great. we'd stay up late nights working really hard on our stories, then chatting. someone had this silly tabloid and we were flipping through it getting ideas. there was this article about panda porn supposedly being used to help the panda population, so that sparked another obsession. and a model's nose fell off and her boob "exploded," even though her implant DEFLATED. haha. i also bought my first lottery ticket and lost. yay. we went to the science center before the planetarium reading, and i bought a purple stuffed octopus (his name is SMELTED SQUID!), a hungry hungry hippos keychain, and these panda ears on a headband (so i could be a panda porn star!). i wore the ears from thursday until sunday. we dressed up (i wore this outfit my mom made that made me look like an elf, apparently) and read our stories with the artwork, and i went first. my dad showed up and videotaped the reading. afterwards, we all went to eat'n'park for ICE CREAM! when we went to the convention, i shared a room with megan, slade, and nora. the first night it was just megan and me because most of the people were staying in the boys room, and the second night we had a bunch of extra people in the room after they all came in at 3 am when i was asleep and made a big racket for several hours, keeping me awake. we had been in the hotel for about 20 minutes, and we kinda broke a window in the boys room. it just popped out of the frame, so i ran to our room and got my duck tape. we were spying on aerin and thomas in the pool when this happened. the convention was fun, we walked around barefoot and went to different panels and readings and hung out in the con suite and munched on the free food there. i got tamora pierce to sign my book, and i got a bunch of books and magazines. i saw "kenny young and the eggplants" live, and i loved them so much i had to get all 3 of their cds. after the con, those of us left went to the dead dog dinner at this chinese place and i ate some octopus and people were having fun setting things on fire with the flaming cooking thing in the appetizer bowl. then we went home and i was sad. i really miss alpha, that was a LOT of fun! i wanna go next year! it was better than camp! hoorah!

well, that's that. i have stuff to do, and this afternoon i'm seeing "reign of fire" with spammykins.

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