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I had "It's Raining Men" stuck in my head all morning, and for some reason it just switched to "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." Interesting contrast. And I must be in a good mood, because Jess just spilled iced tea all over me in an amusing freak accident, and I just laughed and said, "I'm awake now!" It actually feels kind of cool and nice... wearing damp clothing in warm weather is a good idea. As long as it doesn't get itchy and sticky.

Hey, what am I doing in the lab? I have stuff to do! Like laundry and getting tickets for Sunday's play! And skipping! And poking! And... other stuff! Alas, it's the last week of Love Hina. Oh well. I'm sure I'll read a lot of the manga over the summer, for the manga is just awesome. And Azumanga too, for it makes me giggle!

I decided that someday I'll have to get 3 male servants. One will be a little boy (and by "little" I mean 11-12, though he'll probably be taller than me) that brings me tea. Another will be a huge, ripped, flamboyantly gay bodyguard. The last will be an incredibly cute-in-a-geeky-way guy with dark hair, glasses, and a British accent that will wear a loincloth/codpiece/overalls/whatever and bring me daiquiris. And do the dishes, clean the cat box, and other chores I despise. Yes, I need these 3 manservants. And then there will be my boytoy of the moment, and he'll... I don't know, listen to me talk about Hedwig or cheese or gay porn or stuff that I usually talk about. Because that's basically what the boytoy is for.

Oh. "It's Raining Men" is back in my head now. Yay.

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