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Yay for weekends! Nick is up here for the weekend, and the weekend has been fun so far. Watched the last few episodes of Love Hina last night (I say Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi should have a threesome - it would resolve so many conflicts!), then off to McKinley's, then hung around at my house. I find it amusing that Ben, Derek, and I were talking about how we want to go vegetarian... while we were ordering wings. Heh. I want to do more cooking next year, so I should get a smaller meal plan. And if the guys demand food, they can help pay for groceries. I want to make lots of apple pies, for it's something I'm actually good at, and making pie makes me feel happy inside, especially when people gather around the oven in antici....pation. Mmm, pie...

We're going to see the play tomorrow, and today the campus is celebrating Earth Day, so there are a bunch of fun things going on. Good stuff to make me temporarily forget that finals start this Friday, and pretty soon I'll have to say goodbye to my friends, some for 3 months, some for who knows how long. Bah. Me be happy this weekend. Happy happy happy...

Speaking of happy, my mom just emailed me and said, "Yesterday, I went to Monroeville and looked at a few Hondas. Do you like the CRV? We'll look on line and then take you around to look at options in May." Woot! I might get me a ve-hicle! ...And then my friends can bug me to drive them places. And then I can visit Megan and Laura at Slippery Rock and Grove City. And deal with Meadville traffic and the lack of parking on this campus. Weeee!

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