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Can't Hardly Wait is a really stupid movie. But The Lorax is good. And right after I had dinner, I got an IM from Ben asking if I wanted to go to Los Compadres with them... I went anyway, even though I didn't eat much. And I sang along with Raffi in the car, for Nick's car music always makes me nostalgic, and for some odd reason I remember the words to songs I haven't heard since I was 7. Fun stuff.

Name: Ade
Age: almost 21
B-date: 5/18
Height: 4 foot 9 or so
Weight: probably around 135
Shoe size: 2
Right or lefty: righty
Innie out outtie: like a cave
Eye color: gray
Nationality: English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, German, Cherokee, Sioux, and that's really all I know
Hair color: it's LIGHT BROWN, people!
Parents names: Jane (Bonnie) and Robert
Do you live with both of them?: not at the moment, I'm up at college
Do you consider yourself a stylish person?: I point and laugh at this stupid question! Ha!
Screen name(s): blupyglet
Are you straight, bi, gay?: I really hate the label, but I guess you could call me bi
Are you secretly interested in someone on your friends' list? I find all the people on my friends' list interesting, but I don't really have crushes on any of them
What's on your computer desk? The one in the lab just has other computers and stuff, the one at home has my phone, phone card, computer stuff, a list of phone numbers, a stapler, and other random stuff on it
What do your sheets look like? right now, red with kitties
How long does it take you to get ready to go out?: It takes me roughly 35 minutes to get ready in the morning, mostly spent in the shower (I take forever since I tend to zone out)
Which movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors?: Lots! Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shrek, Lilo and Stitch, Sister Act, etc.
Do you ever go to sleep with songs on 'repeat'?: I've done it before, but headphones are really uncomfortable to sleep in
Are you a vegetarian?: not really, though I rarely eat meat and refuse to eat most kinds anyway
Pick up the closest book and write a random sentence from it: The closest book doesn't belong to me, and I don't want to ask the random guy 10 feet away if I can borrow his.
Do the same with a lyric from either a CD or the radio: Not listening to anything...
Have you ever tried to analyze your own dreams?: yeah, but most of my dreams are just bizarre so they aren't worth it
Have you or would you ever do anything more than kiss in a public area?: I'm not a fan of PDA... I probably wouldn't do more than hold hands or hug
Are you a fast typer?: nah
Do people pick up your slang language more than you pick up theirs?: not really
What's your typical sleep wear?: t-shirt and sleep pants or pjs

Kissed someone of the same sex?: nope
Something you love and hate?: love - my cats, hate - Nesset
Who can you tell most of your secrets to?: close friends... usually Megan, but there are things I haven't told her and probably won't
What the strangest thing you've ever eaten?: donkey hooves (Sarah tricked me into eating one back in 9th grade - I thought it was candy, but it was hard and tasted like soap)
Is your room clean?: *dies laughing*
What do you have on the walls of your room?: a couple posters (Hedwig, Tori, etc.)
Do you like cold, warm or hot showers?: long, hot showers... I love them so much
What kind of razor do your use?: I don't shave (I'm a hairy beats!)
What color is your tooth brush?: it has Hermione on it, but that one is getting pretty old so I should probably switch to a new one
Have you ever bought anything on the internet?: lots of stuff!
Where are you ticklish?: I'm not ticklish at all. Deltron even tried today and got no response. I just tickle other people (like Thom, because he spazzes out!)
What color underwear are you wearing right now?: pale blue/white striped
Favorite place to be kissed?: back of the hand (chivalry is just sexy and makes me blush)
What was the last piece of mail you recieved?: probably a rejection letter for an internship (woot)
The most over-used phrase on aol/aim?: huzzah or indeed
How many rings until you answer the phone?: whenever I can reach it and know it's for me
What's on your mouse pad?: the lab one is blue, the one at home is a Who Moved My Cheese cartoon labyrinth
What time do you wake up in the morning?: MWF - 7:30, TTh - 10:30, weekends - whenever
Fave pair of underwear?: purple Eeyore undies
Fave pair of jeans: *shrugs*
Fave candy: Pez, Swedish chocolate, Skittles
If you died tomorrow, who would you leave everything to?: my friends
What is your dream career?: writing awesome stuff and getting published and having masses of geeky fangirls following me around at book signings and conventions (remind some of you of a certain someone?)
Britney or christina?: *makes retching noises*
Describe your bedroom: they're both decent-sized and horribly messy
Last thing you said: "Well, I'm going. See you guys later." (as I left the vegan house)
Last person you talked to online: Ben, when he asked if I wanted to go to Los Compadres with him, Nick, and Derek
Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: I like dark hair on guys and red hair on girls
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: occasionally I sleep with a cat
How many pillows are on your bed?: 2
You ever have that "falling" dream?: occasionally, but I like the flying ones much better
Do you use chapstick?: no, can't stand having stuff on my lips
A country you'd like to explore: Strong Badia
When was the last time you had a hickey?: I don't think I've ever had one, unless you count the knuckle-hickeys I get after chewing on my knuckles
Where was it?: knuckles (ooh baby... wait... I gave them to myself...)
Who gave it to you?: me!
Which messenger services do you use?: AIM, occasionally MSN

What color pants are you wearing right now?: indigo (smells like cats!)
What are the last four digits of your phone number?: 2233 or 8846

Hugs or kisses?: huggles!
Do you have anything pierced?: not any more, had my ears pierced when I was 8, but they closed up
What was your favorite toy as a child?: flamethrowers my dad's computer
If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?: yeah, I'd love myself

What's under your bed?: not much, probably loose papers and stuff
Favorite piece of jewelry?: the pentacle I've worn every day since high school
Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer?: yup
What are you addicted to?: I have lots of random "addictions" that come and go
What is your dream car?: Mr. Bean's yellow Mini
What is your favorite cartoon of all time?: Dragon Half or Lilo and Stitch
Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?: nope
Can you pick stuff up with your toes?: very small things
Are you happy with your given name?: I used to hate it, but it's all right
What is the best quality of a friend: liking me regardless of my flaws and oddities
Do you like ketchup on or beside your fries?: beside
Have any pets?: 2 cats and a bird at home, 2 cats here (but one is Carolyn's)
Do you have a job?: not at the moment
What do you do?: eat, sleep, and procrastinate
Do you have any tattoos?: nope
What couldn't you live without: food

Wow, I've been posting a lot recently. Eh, I'm going to bed now.

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