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Josh Nolan emailed me back, and we can get away with 7 people. So 3 of us get singles now: Thom, me, and whoever looks the sexiest in my underwear someone else. That leaves 4 people to double up. Be thinking about who you want to room with, or the best possible reason why you deserve the other single. Also, we're getting new bedroom furniture next year! Yay!

And now, for some random encounters! Derek and I were heading to his room from Murray to work on his site (he's posting his roommate's horrible yet hilarious poetry on the internet because he's evil), and we passed his roommate. I couldn't keep a straight face as we walked by, and then I couldn't stop giggling. I need to work on my poker face. Also, I passed Eddie about an hour ago, and he said, "Hello, midget." Hey, only my friends are allowed to take cheap shots at my height! Grrr. But I didn't say anything to that.

Speaking of things like this, I got my "talk nerdy to me" shirt. Hehehe... and this was shortly after trying to explain HTML to Derek. I'm turbogeek! Weeee!

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