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Ah, no more classes for 3 months. And now, I must prepare for finals, eventually pack, and figure out what to do with Dude while checking out (he's presumably coming with me this summer and next year). Knowing me, I'll slack today and tomorrow, panic on Thursday, then breeze through finals with a foggy head and manage to do ok despite not studying enough. This is typical. My parents want to come get me next Thursday, but the houses close the 5th (Wednesday), and I should have most if not all of my stuff packed by then. And I should put stuff in storage, figure out if I want to take my mannequin home or store her, and take care of the housing stuff. Weeee! And this cold is minor, yet annoying. Oh well!

Ade: howdy
Nick: hi
Nick: i was just going to get off
Ade: the computer, i assume?
Nick: yes
Ade: ah
Ade: ok then
Nick: oh that could sound bad out of context!
Ade: yes... hehe...
Ade: well, have fun then
Nick: otay


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