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Whew. I've actually been productive today! Working on that 10-15 page paper due tomorrow... yikes. Well, I have about 2 pages worth of good research quotes (I'll probably only use half of them) and one more book to go, then I can get to writing. And studying for that rhetoric exam tomorrow too. Aieeeee! So today and tomorrow are going to be hell, plus Saturday morning (ES final!). But then I can slack off or do some packing for the rest of the weekend and have some quality free time before my last final (abnormal!) on Tuesday. Then Dude and I go home for the summer. Alas, I'll miss my college friends (curse some of them for living in different states!). But I'll see them in a few months.

So, I guess it's back to being productive. *sigh* But at least I have a dandelion. I like dandelions. They make me happy.

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