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So, I get to be the writers' house scapegoat. And when Deltron goes on an axe rampage after John makes one too many Jew jokes, it will still be my fault. Even after he chops my body into 12 pieces and sends a piece to each tribe of Israel. Yup, everything is my fault. And that Judges 19 reference was just random... don't know why it popped into my head.

I had some interesting dreams last night/this morning. In one, I was watching this video of Jess talking about somethingorother, I guess it was in this online journal/photo gallery thing. After a bunch of random, nonsensical parts, I was in my room (it looked more like my room in Vermont) with a bunch of random Allegheny people (I know Ben and Morgan and vegan-house-Jen were there). I was sitting on one of the beds holding my camera, and I suddenly realized that I was wearing no pants. Or underwear. I told everyone to leave so I could put my pants back on, but they basically ignored me. So I just stood up and put my undies and pants on (luckily I was wearing a long t-shirt). Later, I dreamed that I was in a restaurant place with my dad and maybe someone else, and I saw Jessa and her mom.

And in the weirdest dream among those, I was with Ben and Nick and this guy who was either the president or running for president. In the dream, I couldn't remember who was president and if Bush was still in office or what. So we were talking to this guy that looked kind of like Richard Cook (the president at Allegheny), and I guess he was trying to convince us to vote for him. Anyway, I was sitting on the couch with Nick, and we were sort of cuddling in a friendly way, but then it turned kind of weird and he wanted to do more than just cuddling. Even though Ben and Mr. President Wannabe were still in the room. So I moved away and said no, and I was trying to turn him down nicely in a "we should just be friends" way. Then I woke up feeling... weird.

I guess that dream reflects some internal issues... I mean, it's been a while since anything weird happened with Nick, and I think we both agree that it would be better to just stay friends. It's just that things seem so awkward now. Also, recently I've been directing my attentions elsewhere... ok, so they've been elsewhere for quite a while now, and they've only recently started to go somewhere. And I don't really know where stuff is going at the moment, and I'm afraid to talk about it with the other person, because I really don't want things to go the same direction as they did with Nick. And I'm being vague and confusing again. But anyway, I'm keeping my hopes up, and things will eventually work themselves out.

Well. I've done almost nothing productive all day. I'll have to fix that.

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