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Your apple pie don't taste too nice

I had some more crazy dreams last night. In one, I had to drop one class and apparently take this "psychology" course that was actually some weird band thing taught by Prof. DeLamarter. Apparently we were just supposed to go on stage and play, and that's how we were graded. I had a guitar, and I was supposed to play the F chord, but I only remember the A, D, and E chords (really!) so I just tried to wing it and failed miserably. And then there was another dream that took place in 16th century England (yes, this had something to do with Shakespeare), and this guy was chasing his daughter down these stairs while singing "Planet Schmanet." Ther funny thing was, as they fell down the stairs, their clothing fell off and they were both wearing women's underwear. I woke up with that song in my head.

And I'm out of it today. Happy mother's day. I like tadpoles. And turtles. *falls over*

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