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So I was filling out the voter registration application, and my sister kept asking me questions like if I'm a republican or democrat and if I plan to vote for Bush. Well, being me, I think politics suck and avoid discussing politics whenever possible, but it's my duty as a US adult (ha) to vote. Plus, if I vote, I get bitching rights. I may have only been 17 1/2 at the last election, but I'm getting my two cents in this time! Ha! Well, my family is rather conservative (for most issues anyway) and very Republican, so they'll probably be pushing me towards their side, but I've already decided that I'm not voting for Bush for various reasons (I tend to agree with Em's reasons on this). Of course, I've been ignoring most of the news and media stuff (unless something on the front page of the paper grabs my eye before I get to the comics... like that picture of the pyramid of naked Iraqi prisoners, which was just horrible). So I know very little about the other candidates.

That said, CYCLOR FOR PRESIDENT! Yes, I know I tossed the rotting remains of Cyclor into the writers' house garbage in November, but Cyclor lives on! Let the demonocratic candidate smite all others! Cyclor likes kittens! Do you?

Ugh, it's so hot, I've been a slug all day. And there's nothing like IMing your sister when she's in the next room and you can hear each other typing. Oh yes, and Elli and I are going to have a pretend wedding (don't ask). The whole concept is hilarious in itself. And I'm never indecisive when it comes to pie. *sings* Lucy in the pie with diamonds...

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