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I got a deadjournal, mostly for keeping track of my pals over there. Now I have 5 journals. 2 LJs (the other is my friend's-only LJ, ade_a_roni), 1 DJ, 1 GJ (photo journal), and 1 Xanga (which I haven't updated in over a year, just got it to comment on Megan and Sarah's journals). Yep, this is me getting my geek on.

So, lately I've been contemplating my fear of taking risks. I like feeling safe. But if I don't take risks, I'll just end up missing out on things and not getting what I want. So let's say I like what I have, but there's something else I want. Going for what I want could potentially harm what I have, though the chances of that are rather unlikely. Going for what I want also means change, plus dealing with stuff I'm not used to dealing with. So there's this ongoing debate in my mind about things, and the general consensus of the different aspects of my conscience seems to be "just go for it already." So I say to myself, "Ok! I'll go for it! Ummm... now what?" And then I end up standing still. Bah. And I realize this whole paragraph has been very vague and ambiguous, but that was also kind of the point. I'm all about ambiguity!

And it's very hard to find a knitting pattern for fluffy bunny slippers online. Don't ask.

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