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*snickers* I got back at my sister for sneaking into my room and changing my AIM profile multiple times. I added a little something to hers. It now also reads, "omg brendan i luv u soooooo much i wan u 2 have like 10 million of my babies o yea baby! and ade u r the koolest sis eva!" You see, when she changed my profile, she typed it in her style so it was very obvious she did it. However, I discretely adapted to her typing style. *evil laugh*

Quote of the day:
"I mean, I tend to view the world under the dichotomy of Cow and Non-Cow."
- Megan

And another cool quote:
"Children are the most reasonable people I know. Their days are spent trying to make sense of the world, searching for meaning, figuring things out."
- Raffi, from his Autobiography

1. Full name: Adrienne E**** C*****
2. Nicknames: most people call me Ade, and it would take forever to type all my nicknames...
3. Shoe size: 2
4. Height: around 4'9"
5. Hair: chest-length and light golden brown
6. Siblings: Katie (14 1/2)
7. Do you like to sing in the shower?: nah
8. What's 6x7?: uh... a large box?
9. Birthday: 5/18 (5 more days!)
10. Sign: Do Not Enter
11. Boxers or briefs?: I prefer my regular cotton bikini undies, but I think boxers are better on guys (tighty whities just look silly and make me giggle)
12. Sane?: what's that?
13. Righty or lefty: righty
14. What do you want in a relationship most: pretty much everything I want in a friendship but a lot more cuddling and closeness and stuff
15. Have you ever cheated?: I'll confess, I looked at the Neoquest maps a bit instead of just figuring it out by myself...
16. Marital status: I'm single, and I don't want to get married for a while, thankyouverymuch.
17. Do you have a car?: I will pretty soon!
18. What kinda car do you have?: I have my eye on this green Toyota Echo, but we'll see...

19. Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Sister Act, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shrek, etc.
20. Food: strawberry ice cream
21. Book: oh, lots... can't pick a favorite
22. Cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants, Dragon Half, Love Hina, Lilo and Stitch
23. Disney Character: Ursula! She rocks.
24. Colour: rainbow
25. Do you plan on having kids?: It's not a lifelong goal, but if I get married and the other person wants kids, we'll see. Maybe a little girl.
26. Get married?: maybe, maybe not...
27. Would you have kids before marriage?: I'm not changing all those diapers by myself! Kids will only be a byproduct of marriage.
28. Do you have a b/f or g/f?: things are questionable at the moment
29. Do you have a crush?: *big silly grin*
30. Music/TV: music
31. Guys/Girls: gender doesn't matter to me, really... I like who I like
32. Green/Blue: green
33. Pink/Purple: purple... pink is evil!
34. Summer/Winter: winter
35. Night/Day: creature of the night
36. Hanging Out/Chillin: hanging out
37. Dopey/Funny: both?
38. You know I'm around when you hear: something that comes out completely wrong ("I don't like them long, because they poke me in the nose... straws, I mean!")
39. What's a major turn on for you?: kissing! Oh, you mean in a person... British accents... and longish, dark wavy hair... and geekboys... and chivalry! Chivalry is sexy.

40. Who Are They?: different clusters of folks... the writerly folks, the Argonauts, the Alphans, the Staircase Trio, plus a bunch of other random folks
41. Most blonde: Julia and Elli, my Swedish neighbors... holy crap, their hair is light
42. Nicest: Laura, Ben, Matt, Jessica, I have tons of nice friends
43. Funniest: ooh, that's a hard one... Kathy always makes me laugh so hard it hurts, plus Megan, Laura, Evil Thom, etc.
44. Tallest: another hard one... I'd say Nick, he's 6'3"
45. Best personality: oh, I don't know... they're all wonderful
46. Which people do you trust and are open with the most?: Megan, Ben, and CJ
47. Do you believe in soul mates?: I don't think there's one person out there for everyone... there are a bunch they could be compatible with, some more than others
48. Is it right to flirt if you have a bf or gf?: only if you're purposefully doing it to hurt them
49. What was the last thing you cried over or got teary about?: I got a little teary this afternoon, nothing major, just a bit disappointed and wishing things didn't have to change
50. What's something about guys/girls you don't get: Why do so many girls put so much emphasis on physical appearance? And why do guys send out mixed signals all the time? And why do girls have hymens? And why is it socially acceptable for girls to regularly dress in drag but not guys? And why can't everyone just be bixesual? And why... ok, I'll stop now.

51. Love or Lust: Well, love should be a prerequisite for lust
52. Diamond or pearl: emeralds!
53. Sunset or sunrise: sunset
54. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?: only in the bath tub
55. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: no, but occasionally one of my kitties comes to snuggle with me
56. Do you have any piercings?: not at the moment, I used to have my ears pierced, and once I had 10 staples in my belly (ewwww!)
57. what colour underpants are you wearing right now: black, as usual
58. What song are you listening to right now?: Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip
59. Whats the last 4 digits of your home phone: 8846
60. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon: somewhere quiet and secluded (go ahead and giggle)
61. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?: my friends
62. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: usually that they're taller than me, then their hair
63. What makes you happy?: ice cream, being with my friends, drawing, hugs, my cats
64. What are the next cd's you're gonna get?: no idea...
65. Do you wear contacts or glasses?: nope, got the recessive 20/20 vision trait
66. What's the best advice given to you?: "never mess with a horny virgin" (says Spam)
67. Have u ever won any special awards?: a bunch of spelling bees (I have a 2nd place trophy from 4th grade, and I always won the Mother of Sorrows spelling bees), some creative writing awards, etc.
68. What are your goals in life?: uh... not dying until I'm ready, getting published and getting money for it (I want to accomplish this before graduation, but that requires submitting stuff first...), lose my virginity sometime before I die (I'm not in a hurry), and live by myself for at least a few years
69. What colour is your toothbrush?: is "Hermione" a color? It should be!
70. Do you like Funny or Scary movies better?: the funnier, the better
71. On the phone or in person?: I hate using the phone (except talking to certain people)
72. Hugs or kisses?: both are nice, but I definitely prefer hugs
73. What song seems to reflect you the most?: "Wicked Little Town" by Hedwig and the Angry Inch, "Mobile" by Avril Lavigne (at the moment, anyway), "All You Wanted" by Michelle Branch, "Silent All These Years," by Tori Amos
74. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to?: my friends can divide up the booty. Oh gosh, that sounded wrong...
75. Do you have any enemies?: I wouldn't call them enemies, just people I can't stand (like Nesset, Eddie, Dr. Laura, Jack Chick, etc.)
76. Would you rather be rich or famous?: famous like JK Rowling (hey, then I'd be rich too!)
77. What time is it in Albania now?: it's Willer time! Oh dear, KoL has consumed my mind...
78. What's the grossest thing you've found out about/heard someone say
today?: well, my sister was eating a piece of chicken, didn't like it, dropped it, and it bounced onto my plate... I was too busy laughing to be grossed out
79. Have you ever met Santa?: I sat on Santa's lap at the mall when I was 16, and he didn't even ask my age. Meanwhile, my friend Sarah was standing there laughing hysterically.
80. If E.T. knocked on your door holding up a peace sign and asked you to
use your phone what would you do?: squeal, let him in to use the phone, and take some pictures to prove that aliens DO exist. Then everyone would love me at Confluence and give me free autographed copies of their books and stuff! Gosh, I'm such a geek...
81. When did you last talk to the person that you like?: sometime this afternoon, just briefly
82. Do you have any pets?: three cats, a bird, and a sister
83. Last time you were stressed: for a few seconds when I realized I had to cover the big dirt pile with a tarp to protect it from the rain
84. Are you an alcoholic?: no, and I have yet to be corrupted before my birthday
85. Who sent this to you?: Cyndi posted it in her LJ
86. What do you think of this person?: Cyndi is awesome! Yay!

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