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Wow. Today has been fun. And it ain't over yet! I drove to the liquor store... and I saw Mrs. Williams. My high school guidance counselor. So I talked to her for a bit, and she didn't seem at all disturbed that one of her former students was buying alcohol for the first time. Of course, the whole time I was in there, I was really nervous and giggly... even moreso than the time I went to the porn store, because I was alone this time and afraid I'd get yelled at. You see, I'm so used to being under 21 that now it's like, "I can buy alcohol and do grownup stuff!" but I still feel so deviant going to the liquor store. My mom had asked me to get some Bacardi amber, but I didn't know what I was doing and ended up buying yellow Bacardi 151 instead. No wonder the checkout guy seemed amazed and didn't seem to believe me when I said, "It's for my mom! Really!" Oops. I also got a 4-pack of daiquiri wine coolers. I had a few sips of one, it was decent, though I don't go for the tingly carbonated/alcoholic sensation. And yes, I got carded as soon as I put the stuff on the counter.

And after the liquor store, I went straight to Laura's house (oh, the juxtaposition), giggling nervously. She drove me around her backyard in the bed of her truck, and I drove her around her backyard in the trunk of my car. We proved that you can fit a body in there quite comfortably, though Laura suggested I put a pillow back there for the comfort of my trunk-guests. Then we went to the new Chinese buffet restaurant with my family, then had cheesecake at my house. So much fun.

I don't plan on getting drunk tonight, but I may finish off that daiquiri in the fridge... just to see what one wine cooler does to me. Not much, I suspect, but I have no tolerance. Yet. Thanks to all of you for the happy birthdays and such, and I look forward to future alcoholic adventures with those of you I'll soon be living with. And I find it amusing that almost everyone in the future writers' house has an LJ. Hmmm, no more ranting about housemates in friends-only entries... except perhaps in ade_a_roni since none of you have friended that account (I should watch what I say, shouldn't I?). Gee, the more my friends join LJ, the more I censor my stuff. Oh well.

Ok! Time for me to... uh... shut up.

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