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Grrrr. My sister is an ungrateful bitch. I returned from Giant Eagle at the same time my sister came home from school and asked her to do a simple thing, but she had to be arrogant and refuse.

Ade: Hi Katie! Come help carry groceries!
Katie: You never do anything for me, why should I do anything for you?
Ade: I just took you and Julia to the mall on Sunday! Plus, Mom asked me to go shopping, so you'd be doing this for Mom, because you'd normally carry groceries for her, right?
Katie: I can't hear you, my hands are full! *walks off*

Jeez. There were just 4 bags, is carrying 2 plastic bags from my car to the kitchen too much to ask? Humph. Well, when Cyclor rises to power, he shall smite her mightily. Bwahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

26.62722% - Total Geek. I'm disappointed. I need to work on increasing my score. Therefore, I need to watch more Star Trek and learn binary. And read more comic books.

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