Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

HAPPY 39TH, TORI!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

yes folks, tori amos is turning 39 today! to celebrate, go donate lots of money to RAINN!

we have new neighbors. i have yet to meet them, but i hear they're indian, and they have a girl my sister's age. today i got some computer stuff and school supplies (and a coloring book hehe), and katie and i went to eat'n'park for lunch by ourselves.

soooo i found this in a friend's lj and thought it looked interesting...

First day of school - i don't remember it, but i went to giant steps nursery school at our church in connecticut. i was about a head shorter than everyone there! i remember bits and pieces of other first days though... in kindergarten we went to the gymnasiun and the gym teacher said on certain days we'd have gym. i thought he said "jim," and for the rest of the year i wondered who jim was. on my first day of catholic school in 4th grade when we moved to PA, the kids told me, "we didn't know if you were a girl or a boy!" well, "adrienne" is an unusual name, and that was before i went by "ade," which is even more androgynous! on my first day of junior high, where i knew nobody, i couldn't find the science room and wandered the halls for 10 minutes before a teacher told me where it was, and i went in late and sat at a table by myself. i remember the first week of college well - it was the best week of the year. i made friends.

First time getting my ears pierced - when i was 8, my doctor pierced them for me. i remember it hurt a bit but i was good, and my ears were really red after that. they kept getting infected though, so they closed up. i can still feel the scars in my ears where they used to be.

First gothic/Manson experience - well, i remember seeing a few goths in junior high and thinking, wow, that's so cool! i'm not a goth myself, but i like the style. as for manson, i remember in 8th grade music class, this guy asked me, "do you like marilyn manson?" i responded, "i don't know who she is." :P

First crush on a girl - ah, calvary camp, when i was 16. andrea and i made friends that year, and i thought she was awesome. halfway through camp, i realized i had a mad crush on her, and it terrified me. i wasn't a homophobe or anything, but i thought it was ok for other people to be gay but not me. that really set my mind spinning.

First boyfriend - well, when i was 5 or so, i thought my friend jon was my boyfriend... then in 1st grade i had a boyfriend who was a 2nd grader (his name was josh or jason or something), and we'd go under the big tire on the playground and kiss and pretend we were married.

First kiss - well, no real first... unless you count the 1st grade kisses and pecks on the cheek i had to give camp staff members during the scavenger hunt games at camp...

"First time" - i'm a virgin. though there was one cybersex incident when i was 13 (with a 23-year-old guy...), that was interesting...

First time "coming out" - well, at the alanis/tori concert a few years ago, i was walking around with my friend kathy, talking about andrea. after a few minutes, kathy (who is also bi) said, "you have a crush on her, don't you!" i blushed and said yeah, and she laughed and said she never thought i'd be a lesbian... i shrugged and said i never thought it either.

and that's all folks!

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