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My parents somehow got me to go outside and do yard work, but after spreading 2 bags of mulch, I got lazy and came back in. Mmm, sloth, my favorite sin.

Last night I dreamed that it was election day and I was at the counseling center (it looked like one of the high school classrooms). I had this confusing ballot that didn't actually ask who I was voting for (but it asked some other random questions), and I was trying to vote for Cyclor. In another part of the dream, I found out that I had left a bunch of boxes and laundry baskets of stuff at my neighbor's house (this dream stems from the fact that I still haven't unpacked most of the stuff I brought home from college).

And I'm talking to my neighbor online, we met a grand total of once (yesterday, I think) for about 2 minutes. She's my sister's friend, and she seems nice. Wish I had more friends in this neighborhood... I mean, all my friends are my sister's age and younger (which is fine, since I get along with younger people better anyway), and the people around my age are mostly the "normal" types that I've almost always avoided. And it's fun hanging out with the younger kids, but then the middle schoolers start gossiping about who likes who and stuff, and the younger ones run around screaming, and my head spins, and I have to go be alone for a while. And then there are the adults. They're nice to talk to, but... I miss my friends. Hmmm. I want it to be July now, so I can go to Confluence.

So I've been sitting around, downloading anime for the past few days. I now have Naruto 1-10, and I bought ramen to have in my room while watching it. Because Naruto makes me crave ramen, of course. And I now have a Gaara background, to further showcase my geekdom. Hey, Gaara is sexy. It's the eyes and hair. And the mysterious, quiet demeanor. And the gourd. And the ass-kicking (ass-sanding?). Damn, now I want ramen again. Heh.

Eh, I have nothing else to say worthy of a public entry. You should all read this week's Dave Barry column, especially you recent college graduates. Ninja vanish! *explodes into butterflies*

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