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Computer game survey swiped from Shirtless Kitchen Welsh Tom

Which was your first system?
Well... when I was a toddler, my dad had this computer hooked up to a TV, and I played a couple games on that (Moon Rover was one of them). It's one of my earliest memories - buying chocolate and popcorn from a boy scout, then sitting in front of the computer with my dad and playing those old computer games...

First game?
Moon Rover was one, I forget the other's name

What systems do you currently own?
Damnyou the PC, yellow Game Boy Color, and a bluish transparent Game Boy Advance

Out of these, which is your favourite?
Definitely the PC

Out of all systems in existence, which do you dislike the most?
I don't really like those 3D game systems...

What systems do you currently WANT to own?
Ok, I'll admit that I wanted a Sega Game Gear like 10 years ago... I wanted to play Sonic the Hedgehog. And a Super Nintendo too. Um... I like the systems I have now, the new ones just aren't my thing.

Do you buy and sell games or hoard your collection?
I am a pack rat. Watch me hoard.

How many games do you currently own?
No idea... more than I care to count on PC, 15-25 GBC, and 2 GBA

What was the last game you played on each of your systems?
PC - Freecell, GBC - Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (my newest game), GBA - Crazy Chase

Ever bought a second copy of a game you already own?

Ever bought a game you can't play (ie you don't own the system it will play on)?
Not that I know of

Ever bought a book or similar spinoff from a game?
Not that I can recall

Ever bought a strategy guide for a game?
Nah, I just check online if I can't figure it out

Ever bought merchandise relating to a game (ie figures or other collectibles)?
Hehe... yeah, I own some Neopets and Pokemon stuff, but I think that's it

Ever bought a second system, just in case the first breaks?
I only bought my Game Boy Color after my Game Boy (the original big gray kind!) broke

Ever sold a system?
No, I keep stuff

Best controller?
I like the SNES controllers

Worst controller?
I hate joysticks. I just do.

Cutest console?

Coolest console?

Ugliest console?
SNES - big and boxy

What's your favourite bizarre gaming accessory? I have this GBA link cable that's kind of like a tape measure - I like to pull the cables out, then press the button so they zip back in

What's the longest you've ever spent playing a videogame in one sitting?
At least 3 hours... during freshman year, I actually missed a couple classes from playing The Sims all afternoon and forgetting that I had stuff to do

What's the longest you've ever spent on a videogame in total?
Well, Pokemon logs your hours, but it stops after 100...

2D or 3D?
2D, I hate 3D

Favourite shooter?
I don't like shooting games much, I prefer actual riflery

Favourite platformer?

Favourite adventure game?

Favourite rhythm/action game?

Favourite RPG?
Dragon Warrior 2, Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

Favourite strategy game?
Age of Mythology!

Favourite beat-em-up?
not fond of those games

Favourite driving game?
not fond of those either, though they're fun sometimes

Favourite sports game?
I avoid those

What's your favourite genre?
RPGs! Followed closely by strategy

Best graphics in a videogame?
Age of Mythology

Best music in a video game?
Age of Mythology (seriously, the music is awesome)

Best story in a video game?
Neoquest 2 (it starts as a traditional RPG but twists along the way and takes you to different lands)

Best piece of music in a video game?
The Egyptian theme in Age of Mythology

Most addictive game?
Age of Mythology and Pokemon

Favourite arcade game?
Pac Man and Tetris (I like 'em old skool)

Most hated game?
most sports games

How many Final Fantasy games have you finished?
Never played those, but I want to

Do you like DDR?
Never played DDR, but I watched Sarah and Megan play for several hours once (not something I'm willing to do, especially in public)

Do violent games cause violence?
Violent people cause violence

Do you like violent games?
Well I'm not a fan of Mortal Kombat or those kinds of games, but Age of Mythology is all about destroying your enemy's empire with really cool mythological beasts, and they show the bloody corpses fading into skeletons...

On average, how many new games would you buy in a month?
One of two

How many hours would you spend playing games in a week?
It tends to vary. I play a lot more when I'm at school, actually. Usually 5-10 hours

How many hours would you LIKE to spend playing games in a week?
Oh ho! More than that!

Do you speak Japanese?
Not yet, I just know a few words

Would you (or have you already) learn Japanese just to increase your sphere of gaming influence (ie be able to play the many, many games released only in Japan)?
No, but I might learn for the sake of understanding anime better

Component video?

Surround sound?

Big screen/widescreen?
Doesn't matter

Have you ever upgraded your television, stereo or other AV equipment just to improve your gaming experience?
Why would I do that? I tend to prefer older games anyway

Do you have a Gaming Room?
Does my room count?

Driving games: Steering wheel?

Fighting games: Fighting controller?

Final Question: What is your favourite game of all time?
Age of Mythology (the Titans expansion totally rocks, by the way)

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