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Ok, I had another Cyclor dream. This time, it was all about... Cyclor products. Seriously, there were Cyclor shirts, Cyclor patches, Cyclor cheese... so crazy. Everyone was wearing these really cool Cyclor t-shirts. And I was trying to order stuff online. When I woke up it occurred to me that I should be getting these things for free or at least getting a cut of the profits, since Ben and I were the ones who carved Cyclor in the first place. Oh, the things I dream about nowadays...

My internet has been very slow and crazy lately. But it's because I'm being a bandwidth hog and downloading too much anime. And I can't find my zip drive, which is starting to worry me, because my dad's zip drive doesn't work on my computer, and he wants me to burn all his zip disk stuff onto cds by tomorrow. You know, this would be so much easier if I actually unpacked all my stuff when I got home.

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