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Singing "Stacy's Mom" while driving is great fun, especially if it involves embarrassing your sister in front of her friends (bonus points if at least one friend is a boy). Well, Katie and I were just singing along on the way to Giant Eagle and the post office, but it was more fun when her friends were in the car. I mailed stuff to Ben and Heather (yeah, I finally sent your birthday present in the mail today, late but still good). And I made a quiche for dinner that was really good.

I finished the cat bed last night, and I have a bunch of yarn left over, so I'm making a baby hat. My cousin Laura is due sometime around now, so I'll have something to give little Ethan when I go to Washington on the 9th. I wonder if they allow knitting needles on the plane. I suppose it depends on what they're made of. And I was outside knitting the hat, and my neighbor came by (his dog was chasing my cats). When I told him I was making a baby hat, he gave me a funny look and said, "You're not having a baby, are you?" Hehehe... that would be physically impossible without divine assistance at this time, but I found it amusing. Babies are a good excuse for knitting.

So Derek says I should post in my LJ in the style of my sister's AIM profile/away messages (Derek, what are you doing reading those? Not you too!). So here goes:

shoutouts to all my peeps muah i luv u all brendan ur the best i love u w000t (actually, Derek wrote this, but it's funny). brendan rox 4 puttin up with me bein all crazygonuts in the car and stuff. luv 2 all my writers' house budz, we have soooooooo much fun 'specially with the gay argorgies lol.
ben we had lotsa fun jus hangin out and pokin each otha miss u lotz!
derek ur soooo flaming! (haha jk lyl)
deltron is my stable boy!!! omg lol
thom ur fun 2 pounce on with jenn and amanda!
nick is a lesbian! hahahahahaha
john ur a crazy dancer an stuff!
and da rest of you allighany peeps, only 3 months left of summer omg!
my sis has the koolest sis eva!!!!!1111!!!
:) :0 :P :B :D <3<3<3 i luv u all!

I can feel my brain turning to soup and draining out my ears, ruining my headphones. Whew. I like my typing style better... for I am the Adeolf Hitler of the Grammar Nazis.

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