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Today was actually somewhat productive. My mom and I went to buy food (I'm making strawberry pies today for the barbeque tomorrow... mmm...) and plants, then I got a sunshade for my car and some fluffy pink yarn. My mom gave me a weird look in the checkout line and said, "You're knitting pink bunny slippers for a guy?" Yes, I know it's crazy, but I want to do it. Speaking of that, I got a package from Ben today (thanks Ben!) with a PANDA magnet! Yay! Pandas are awesome! Haven't listened to the CD yet, but I will later.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Shrek 2 with some of the neighbors. I'm excited. I've heard good things about it. If it's actually a good sequel, that's quite an accomplishment. And there's a kitty in it, so that's a plus. And then there's the barbeque! We're making kabobs (sorry, no kathomases, we'll make those at Confluence) and other goodies. Well, I must be off... toodeloo.

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