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I'll call for pizza! I'll call my cat! I'll call the white house, have a chat!

Random Ade quote of the day:
We're like pokemon: we evolve

I had an awkward dream last night. It was fall, and I was going to move in to the writers' house (it looked different though). But apparently I was the last one there, and different people were there, but nobody had told me. Apparently there were about a dozen people there, including random people I recognized that should have graduated this year. So I was walking around trying to find my room or at least an empty room, but all the rooms had people's stuff in them. So I went to where everyone was, and I told them that I needed a room, and somebody had better at least give me a bed in one of the rooms. But the people just stared at me blankly, and I wondered why I had different housemates and nobody had told me. I was starting to worry that there wasn't enough room for me and people didn't want me there. But then the scene changed a bit, and I was in a big room with lots of bunk beds (reminded me of a cabin at camp). I was sitting on a mattress, looking around the room at the people there. Then there was a weird part of the dream involving a little girl who idolized Hugh Hefner because he gave her a lot of money, then riding around in some car. Finally I was riding in the backseat of some car with Jenn, and we were talking about the writers' house. I decided to move in early, when there were only 2 or 3 others there, and I started carrying loads of my stuff from my car to the house. While I was drifting awake, I dreamed about picking out pirate gold and weird toothpicks from the trunk of my car. Ah, dreams. Then I woke up and felt really relieved that I'll be living with my friends rather than strangers next year, and there will be room for me.

I got some interesting pictures last night. Mrs. Egan and Mr. Ziff were really cutting the rug with their mad dancing skills. People were trying to get me to dance, but I really can't dance and don't do it unless I'm really hyper anyway. So I just provided some of the music (they loved dancing to 80s Madonna, which is always fun). And I didn't know today was Memorial Day until my sister's friend IMed me. No wonder Katie didn't go to school today. Even funnier, Katie had no idea it was Memorial Day until I told her, and she didn't know there was no school. Hehehe. No wonder the grownups had the barbeque on a Sunday and didn't fuss about getting their kids to bed at a decent hour... there was no school today anyway. Heh. I love being in college, I don't have to deal with this. And no more waking up at ungodly hours to catch the bus. Phew.

And for some reason, everything seems so loud now. My left ear hadn't been working right for weeks, then last night it suddenly started hearing things twice as much as my right ear, and now I hear everything loud and clear. It's very odd but also kind of annoying. Why is everything so loud? What's wrong with my ears? Hmmm. I'd get them checked, but I try to avoid doctors. Well, at least they're functioning at a reasonable level now. *shrugs*

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