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It was time for a change, so I updated my user info. We got some pond goldfish today, and being me, I want to name them all, even though they probably won't live very long. And Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban comes out tomorrow! I'm excited. I haven't read the book in 4-5 years, but I'm thrilled to see the movie. And I'll try not to be too much of a pedophile and drool all over myself just because Harry is sexy. Um... onward!

I need to get back into the writing groove, I've really been slacking in that area (I blame the lack of Tuesday group). Something with the word "deblaterate" in it. I also need to read and draw some more. Recently I've just been sitting around, either doing random stuff online or knitting. And sometimes cooking. Pie is good for the soul. And bean dip. And... now I want food.

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