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Phew, what a day. I had lunch at Yum Wok/Lulu's Noodles with Nick, then we hung out with Jen, Anne, and Tara until after 1 am. And that makes 3 times I've seen Shrek 2. All in one week. Once was good enough, but of course I'll see a movie multiple times in theatres if other people are going. It's an excuse to be with friends and get out of the house, basically. I didn't fall asleep at the wheel on the way home, though I felt like I'd start drooling any minute, and I was blasting my music and singing along to keep myself awake. And at one point, I realized I was going 90 on a mostly empty freeway, which is probably the fastest I've ever gone. Heh. Now I go to bed. *collapses*

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