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I went over to Laura's house today, which was interesting even though I was kind of tired the whole time. I almost "slept" with her too (we were going to take a nap, but we got distracted and just lay there talking instead). And her brother Will hacked his fro off, but it's still curly and I had to touch it. And she handed me this unusually thick banana, and of course this prompted lots of innuendo. I can fit about 3 inches of banana comfortably in my mouth, I found out. Yes, you needed to know that. And pickles shall now be referred to as Christians, because I'm silly.

Fun quotes:

"Maybe I do have STDs now. I went to this church..."
- Laura

"Kosher people eat Christians too?"
- Ade

Ade: I need a gay boyfriend.
Laura: You should find one and seduce him... with pickles.

"It's not good when your first thoughts of the morning are, 'Where am I, and where are my pants?'"
- Laura

My Best Friend is kihou
Our 14 common interests are: alpha workshop, anime, cannibalism, chicken run, confluence, dragon half, eating cheerleaders, fantasy, medieval, monty python, mythology, randomness, tamora pierce, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I love you, Xavid! *pounceglomp* You get to be my new best friend! Weeeee!

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