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The Love Hina opening theme is great driving music. I'd sing along if I knew the words (gotta pay attention to those subtitles!). Still no Moccasin though. Hmmm. And I subjected my sister and her friends to BANANAPHONE, so they've been randomly singing it all afternoon. Heh. And according to my sister, Japanese people don't wear pants. *giggles*

I'm driving over to New York on Sunday for this writers' workshop at Manhattanville College. I'll be there for almost a week. I have to drive a long distance by myself, so of course my parents are all worried and finding tons of maps and stuff, even though I'm sure I'll be fine. Really. My mom thinks I should get a cell phone, but I really don't want to have to deal with one. But as my dad said, "Like sweaters, a cell phone is more for your mother than for you" (put on a sweater, your mother is cold!). *shrugs* Why am I wondering if they have yellow banana-shaped cell phone cover thingies? *beats head on desk*

I still have to register for Confluence and reserve a room for Megan and me (and whoever wants to stay with us... I suppose I should email the alpha alumni list and ask). But making reservations requires calling people! Eep! I don't want to call people! Oh well. I suppose I should just get it over with anyway. Maybe tomorrow.

I got Avril Lavigne's new CD. It's pretty good. Her music reminds me of a younger Alanis. I think she's grown as an artist and a person since the last album. I especially like My Happy Ending. It's the obligatory "my song" on the album. Although I'm not that bitter, really, or angry at anyone in particular.

And those girls had better get me some cotton candy at the fair. They asked if I wanted to go, but I don't think they'd want to be stuck around Katie's dorky, embarrassing sister. So they'd ditch me, I'd feel out of place and depressed, and I don't really like amusement parks or carnivals anyway. I don't really get a kick out of the rides or games, and I prefer to just sit at home downloading anime and even more computer games. Speaking of that, I've just been downloading series I've already seen or seen parts of. Somebody recommend some anime I'd like (I tend to go for silly comedies like Dragon Half and Love Hina). And music too. I want to make another eclectic mix CD for the car ride to New York.

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