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i had a dream last night involving queen elizabeth. apparently queen elizabeth from the 1500s was here in the modern day. i kind of met her in this bathroom, and then i went into a stall where apparently i was wearing a bathing suit under everything and had to take everything off to go potty. meanwhile, apparently the bathroom stall was ALSO a shower. and i had a vibrator. whoah... things were just too weird, and i wondered what the queen was thinking. later, i saw her son (though queen elizabeth never had any kids), and apparently he was a rebel who had issues. i saw things from his POV, and he was walking down a street and some guy handed him an orange juice container full of beer. he then tossed a handful of coins to him. then jay and silent bob (i think...) drove up in an ice cream truck and gave him some of those handi-snack breadsticks but without the cheese. the prince then had a box full of stuff and i wondered how he'd get rid of it before the queen saw him. i then saw him in his "room," which looked like a huge round tub filled with some liquidy substance. his "older brother" was keeping an eye out for him and stirring the liquid with a giant spoon, apparently spooning the miserable prince out. eventually the prince morphed into a small tiger stuffed animal, though his brother kept spooning him out. i had some sort of black makeup that i managed to put on one of his eyelids. it was very odd. prince soup. oy. this whole elizabethan era business we're studying in early brit. lit. is messing with my dreams. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

anywho, i should have a shower, get dressed, send this letter to my nana, then mosey on over to the library. yippee skippee.

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