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Guess what? I'm going to New York tomorrow... and I haven't packed yet! Weeeeee! Gosh, I'm a nut. At least I gassed up the car (hee, that sounds funny), got cash, and stocked the trunk with drinks and munchies. Now for the clothes and stuff! Hey Leen, thanks for posting that list of stuff you're bringing to Alpha... it's a good reference for others too. *grins* This workshop won't be the same as Alpha, but it should be interesting anyway. I hope I'll actually get up the nerve to talk to people instead of just sitting there quietly and only talking during critiques (though I usually just write stuff on the drafts and don't say much). I'm such a hermit. And I'm not sure what kinds of writers I'll meet here either. Many of the writers I know are amusing, goofy, nice people who are usually at least moderately nerdy and shy. But I won't know the folks at this workshop. Well, they might have introductions and stuff. Knowing me, I'll say something like, "I'm Ade, the crazy cat lady! I really like cup ramen, and I hate waiting the 3 minutes after I pour the hot water in. Also, I'm a cannibal! *laughs nervously and then sees everyone giving her weird looks* Ummm... yeah. I'm a dork." And yes, I have been watching/reading a lot of Naruto lately. Mmm, ramen. Oh yeah, packing. Still need to do that. *glares at huge pile of laundry on top of suitcase and sighs*

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