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my arms still ache from yesterday. i just saw "elizabeth" at the library, it was VERY disturbing. but there was a female dwarf, and the perverted french duke wore a dresss in one scene. other than that, it was incredibly disturbing, i'll have nightmares, and i wish prof. bulman had never made us see it. *shudders* i have this whole rant formed in my head, but i'm saving it for a long email to my close friends.

well, i accomplished SOME stuff today. i'll get more homework done in a little while. eck, college is silly, we have too much stuff to do, and i'm too lazy to do it. what's the point of even going here? i'm an english major! i'm a writer! i'm an artist! i'm never going to get rich (unless i'm the next jk rowling)! ah well.

my room is slowly getting messy. i'm surprised it's not a big junkyard right now, considering i'm a slob. there are only a FEW books and papers and things on the ground. of course, i have a big double all to myself, so there's a lot of extra space. the thing is, being on the top floor of brooks sucks. there are all those sorority suites with annoying, loud, shallow, silly sorority sisters (shallow silly sorority sisters... hmmm, talk about alliteration...). there's also the ghost. PLUS walking up all these stairs, especially when carrying big heavy objects (though jessica helped carry my computer up here yesterday since she's incredibly nice). i like having my own room though, and i like being in an all-female dorm. i know this sounds sexist, but i really can't stand 75% of males in this age group. they're just so preoccupied with things like alcohol, sex, and sports. yes, i'm playing into stereotypes, but stand among a group of average college guys and you'll find it's true. HOWEVER, there are MANY who defy these stereotypes, and i do respect them. for example, artsy guys. and the guys in ARGO and AGP and many of the other groups. they're just... good. and the guys in fencing are nice to me too, and i feel almost guilty for backing them into the mirrors while slashing (instead of poking) them. almost. i'm still evil, and as prof. lyons said, a "terrorist."

heyyyyy in an hour i'll go to dinner. ah yes, another evening eating alone in brooks. but that's all right, i enjoy the peace. sure, i need to get out more and make friends and such, but that's what all the clubs and stuff are for, riiiiight? i socialized last night. anime night! adventures of mini-goddess! and i saw anne's room. yay.

ok... me shut up now.

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