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I'm so happy right now I could just hug someone. I just had a critique session with the teacher-person (Linda Oatman High, who writes mostly for kids and teens and is therefore teaching the workshop devoted to that). She said that my story (I submitted the first 10 pages of Jin, the story I wrote at Alpha last year) was really interesting and unusual and stuff (hard to find a market for though), and that after reading it she couldn't wait to meet the writer (she thought I'd be like 65 or something and then was amazed that I was so young). She says I have a lot of talent and potential and have my whole life ahead of me so I can really go places with my writing. So I'm bouncing around, feeling all happy and good about myself.

And just last night I was sitting around thinking that the grownups were probably looking down at me as some naive, inexperienced kid. Of course, that's because I let someone else's words get to me. A man was giving a talk about publishing poetry and was saying that older writers are generally better than younger ones because they have more to write about, younger people just write about breaking up with boyfriends and hating Eminem (at that, I wanted to assert myself and tell him that we're not all like that, but I was stupid and kept my mouth shut), and you really have to experience life to be able to write about it. So while I disagree with parts of that (I'll admit that older people tend to have more experience, but younger people tend to be much more imaginative so their stories are more interesting), I started wondering if all the grownups were looking down on me as some young whippersnapper. But Linda said that they probably look up to me (insert short jokes here) because I'm so young and talented and have my whole life to write and don't have to worry about running out of time.

So I ran my pirate girl idea by her, and she thought it was really great and I should definitely turn it into a novel and get it published. I don't know if there are any other books about pirate girls, they're mostly just about boys or adult women. But what about the daughter of a female pirate captain who's lived on a ship her whole life? This is going to be interesting. I'll have to do a lot more research (since my interest in pirates is relatively new, and I haven't obsessively researched it yet like I research other interests) and run some of the dialogue through the English to Pirate translator. I hope this goes somewhere. I'm really excited about it.

Well, me hearties, I'd best be off to... uh... I don't know, do something writerly. Because, you know, posting in my livejournal isn't writerly. Yarrr.

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