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Well, 'twas the last day of the workshop. I thought it was fun, I really liked the exercises and stuff, and everyone's writing was so good (soooooo gooooood!). I didn't really "bond" with people very much since I'm shy and most grownups intimidate me, but Linda was really cool, and I did occasionally talk to people. And people were very encouraging and stuff, which I really liked. After putting up with Nesset's condescending tone and dealing with the "don't-write-genre-fiction-with-young-characters" shit at Allegheny, it's nice to hear that some grownups appreciate my writing for what it is, not just the subject matter. Of course, this workshop was no Alpha (how could it ever compete?), it wasn't as intensive, and we didn't do much critiquing, but it was still good. Now, if I can just discipline myself to actually write this novel and then try to get it published...

Hufflepuff! Happy, friendly, and generally
invigorated about life. You like things clean,
simple, and lacking in the angst department.
Often seen as a little childish, you'd rather
kick back with your friends than worry about
something serious. You're a little sensetive
and pretty slow to anger. Hufflepuffs are
always prone to looking on the bright side of

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