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Weee, here I am stalling again. After I have something to eat and find an ATM (or perhaps vice versa, since I'm down to a few bucks and will require money to eat), I'm off to track down Derek and bother him. I'm just stalling because I'm thinking, "Aieeeee, driving! In New York!" And I'm a lazy procrastinator. You know, I've never been to NYC. I'd probably hate it, but I've never been there, and today I'll be driving in or around it (wee, I get to figure out maps and directions and stuff!). I'm pretty good at following directions and usually only get slightly off-track if I get confused, so I'm not too worried.

Well, the New York trip may be the first road trip for me, but it won't be the last. After I go home, I'll go visit Ben, and then sometime after Confluence I'll head to Vermont. My mom's family has a summer cottage on Lake Champlain, and we go there every year. Never driven by myself, and it's a really long car trip, but I think I can do it. My parents were suggesting that I go to Massachusetts first, though, so I can visit with my aunts and uncles and then go with them to Vermont. *shrugs* Well, I'll figure all this out in the next few weeks. I really only want to go to Vermont for maybe a week (my mom and sister always stay longer, and in recent years I've just been making shorter trips up there with my dad). It's nice, but I go through internet withdrawal and get bored easily. I used to have friends up there, but I haven't talked to those people in years (we kind of drifted apart around 7-10 years ago). I'm on good terms with them, it's just... they have lives now, and I'm a hermit. They're nice and friendly, it's just that I get really shy and stay by myself and only speak when spoken to.

Anyway, I wore my panda ears yesterday. And I gave a piece of melon to a squirrel (LOTS of squirrels here). Squirrels are so cute when they eat. Ok, no more stalling. Time to eat. I miss my kitties.

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