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i was downloading random madonna music videos today. i watched "erotica" and "for a girl," and i think they were both banned from mtv. in "erotica," it was just too, um, erotic (i mean, bondage, near-nudity, tongues, etc.), and in "for a girl" she took this old lady on a rampage, smashing cars, stealing money, etc. very odd. the lady just keeps on pushing the boundaries. she's what, in her early 40s now? i mean, all the power to revolution, but sometimes she goes too far, and she doesn't know how to settle down. ah well.
i'm eating beans now. i wanted to use the can to plant dill seeds since it's imbolc (yay!). i have a ton of schoolwork to do, but today is a religious holiday so i'll only do some of it. these beans will sure give me, um, nevermind ;P

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