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*bounces around excitedly* I can't wait until August 31! The Forbidden Zone is coming out on DVD!!!!!!!! I haven't seen that movie in years, since the time Megan and I watched it over here and my dad flipped out and yelled at us because it's a very naughty movie. I think we were 15-ish. But I have the soundtrack and listen to it frequently. The video is almost impossible to find anywhere, but they're showing the movie in theatres now. Not in PA, though. But it's coming out on DVD in less than 2 months! *squeeeee*

Oh yeah, and I showed my mom, but I don't think she was impressed. I was also trying to explain the pirates vs. ninjas debate. She also asked if I needed help in my research, but I like to do things by myself and don't like it when my parents take an interest in whatever I'm doing. Then they always want to help and talk about it or something, which I find annoying because I'm an ungrateful little brat.

Pervious guys don't give this girl organisms

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