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I went to the Mallorca restaurant with my parents. I even got dressed up a little and wore the green broomstick skirt and a plain blue t-shirt that didn't say anything weird on the front. The food was pretty good, though something decided to wreak havoc on my stomach (possibly the octopus appetizer - that was a little questionable). We had a waiter who looked like Hank Azaria from the side. I was also impressed that we got free almond liquor stuff, and the waiter just gave me some without asking for ID (I didn't have it with me anyway). My parents got a pitcher of sangria, but I only had a tiny bit because I'd tried some a few years ago and hated it, and this time I found it winey, and I don't like wine. At the beginning, a waitress came over and asked if I wasn't having sangria so she could take my wine glass. I found that odd... nobody even looked at me twice or asked for ID, they just assumed I was over 21. It's like I look like a grownup or something now. *glances around the room* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to my youthful looks? Why don't I look 12 any more? I don't wanna look like a grownup! I wanna look like a cute little kid! Oh well. Most of you are wondering what the heck is wrong with me right now, and I should probably be glad I look my age... but I have warped thoughts. I took pride in looking like a little girl. And now I look like a boring grownup. A miniature one, but a grownup. *sulks*

Anyway, I had another weird dream last night. Some woman (either my mom or someone else) was taking me to jail. I don't know why, but it was for something minor like insulting someone (?), and I was only going to be there for maybe a week. So I got this bag of clothing to wear, it had a bunch of weird t-shirts (that said things like how prisoners aren't really bad people and stuff) and this orange running suit thingy. I also got some wooden knitting needles in a little sleeve thingy, but they were about as thin as toothpicks, and I was playing with the sleeve and ended up snapping the needles in various places. I was really worried about what everyone would think of me since I was in jail and how I got there in the first place. Then I found out that it was really a mental hospital, which made a bit more sense, but I still didn't think I deserved to be there. After all, I may have issues, but I can function all right even if I'm feeling really horrible (I still get up and go to class and stuff, unlike some people I know). I was sitting in this main room with a bunch of other people, waiting for someone to show me to my room and feeling really nervous. Then we heard that there was a madman with a gun on the loose or something, so I ducked under this table, hoping I wouldn't get shot but figuring I would anyway. This crazy-looking guy wheeled a cart in, and it had these batteries on it. I thought it was a bomb, but then I realized it had all sorts of medicine bottles on it. The guy said he was going to destroy all the medication so nobody had to take any, and I started cheering. Yeah, I know some people can't function without it, but I really hated being on medication, so I was happy. Then these little fire jets started burning the medicine bottles, and I covered my face as I heard the bottles exploding. When it was over, I had these little pink dots all over my legs, and there was broken glass everywhere. I wished the guy had destroyed the medicine further away from me, but he was still my new hero. Then I was walking through the hospital, bla bla bla, and finally I was in this library-ish place at a table. I think I was on the computer, and I was picking up things around the room. I found this one weird knitted thing that looked like a necktie/vest hybrid, and I realized it belonged to a friend since it had her LJ name knitted into it in cursive (now that would be interesting to knit...). She was sitting right by me, so I gave it back to her. Then I realized it was the first time I had seen her in person, so I should talk to her. But then I woke up. So, me in a prison/mental hospital, eh? Interesting.

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my malformed LJ twin is luth
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Yeah, that's pretty "malformed," all right. Since I'm a short, chubby girl and he's a tall, skinny boy. *giggles*

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