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So my sister is back from camp now...

"Gee, you're spazzing out, you're such a buttmunch."
- Katie (no, her name is KIT now)

Kit: What language are you speaking in?
Ade: HTML.

Well, I just showed my sister some of the drag ball pictures again, and here's what she said about this picture of Thom, Derek, and Ben:
- Derek looks like he smells bad because he has tan skin, dark curly hair, and a circular head with a beer-d. And he looks Italian, and Italians smell. And apparently he looks like John Candy in one picture even though John Candy is "frikkin' dead." [John Candy?!?!?!?!]
- Ben has a triangular, Garret Boyd (our neighbor) head. It's like a triangular hammer where you pick him up and go BANG BANG BANG. He also has a unibrow. [no comment]
- Thom looks like he has a baby powder, momma's boy smell. [I just about went into cardiac arrest from laughing so hard]

In looking at other pictures, she decided that Robertson looks like a guy from Inspector Gadget. He looks like he's a robot with metal hands. And Nick looks evil and needs to shave his stomach.

Wow. I haven't laughed this hard all week.

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